Sunday, 14 April 2013

Recently I went for a cheeky trip to town and I bought a few things, but these four things are a sneak peek of what I bought:

The shoes and snood were from primark. They were not expensive at all, the shoes were reduced to £6 and the snood was only £3:99. The jumper was from a charity shop and it was in the men's section so it is rather large but it was only £4 and as it is very cold at the moment it is a good item of clothing to have. My necklace is from a shop called Essentials and it was £23.99 for the stone and the 16 inch chain. I love my necklace to pieces and wear it everyday. 

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Today I realised that I need to try to let the past go. Try to move on from the broken hearts, the mistakes made and the risks not taken because we start to think so much about the past that we forget the present.

Instead of regretting everything or being angry about the past, use your energy for something else because being angry does not change anything. The past is the past and it should stay there. There comes a time where you forgive and let go, not for other people's sake, but for yours because it is your life you are wasting not theirs.

It is okay to take a trip down memory lane, especially for all the good times, but you must remember not to stay there.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

20 Facts About Me!

Seen this tag floating around, so thought I would do it myself:

1) I am super scared of spiders and have a fear of being sick

2) I love the colour light pink

3) I am secretly a directioner

4) I am a fusy eater

5) I am very close to my sister and mum

6) I hate cheese

7) My friends are incredibly important to me
8) My first ever concert was Kelly Clarkson

9) I have moved house eight times

10) When I was little I said I wanted to be a flower when I grew up

11) I want to travel

12) One Christmas my present was to swim with dolphins in America, it was incredible

13) I have been abroad five times

14) I love it when guys smell nice

15) I want to start to think more positively
16) My favourite ice cream is phish food by ben and jerrys

17) I play guitar and keyboard

18) Roller coasters make me terrified, but once I have done it I feel amazing


20) I want a tattoo of a daisy chain around my ankle

Friendship is key

Having friends surrounding you is such a pleasure in life. Although sometimes it may feel like you hate them or they hate you, every moment with them is precious. True friends will help you through the worst times and will still be there to share the good times with you. 

Me and my friend recently bought matching bracelets because we have both been through some tough times and some days we struggle, but we just look down at our wrists and remember we have each other to keep us strong.

Everyday Makeup

My March favourites and my everyday make up:

concealer: collection 2000 (number 1: fair)
foundation: bourjois 123 perfect (number 51: light vanilla)
powder: natural collection (warm)
bronzer: rimmel (number 022: sun bronze)
mascara: soap and glory: thick and fast
blusher: natural collection (pink cloud)
eye kit: stilla (snow angel palette) includes 18 eye shadows and 12 cheek colours
mascara: rimmel: the max volume flash

Surviving teenage life

Anxiety. A simple word, yet it has so much meaning. I suffer with panic attacks and anxiety disorder which I have had for a long time now and I would let it hold me back from everything. I even had to stop going to school for two months, which was not the best especially because I am in the middle of GCSEs. I will admit I do still keep letting my anxiety hold me back, but I know I shouldn't that is why I try to push myself.

But you don't have to have panic attacks to prove that you get anxious. Being a teen is enough. Getting paranoid about if people like you, feeling insecure, fighting with family and friends. You must remember that it is okay not to be okay and if you do not have a boyfriend/girlfriend it does not mean you will be forever alone because you won't! You do not need a relationship to be happy, you just need people who love and care for you. Sometimes it may feel like you have no one, but I can promise there is at least one person who cares about you.


Stop doing things to impress others, do things that make you feel good! Wear the clothes you want, do the things that you enjoy and try to have fun! Most people are not happy all of the time, so when you are sad try to feel your emotions and tell people how you feel and CRY. It is okay to cry, if you don't let your feelings out in some way then they will all build up and you will feel even worse.  

Everyone is beautiful in their own way and not everyone will pick up on your beauty, but others will and those people will be the ones worth sharing memories and love with.